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Aurania (2)

1917-1918, Scotland
Aurania (2)


The Aurania (2) was the third and final ship of the three purpose-built vessels ordered by Cunard in December 1913 but due to the commencement of the WWI she was not completed until 1917. The Aurania was built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend-on-Tyne. Upon completion the ship was immediately taken-up by the Admiralty for troop carrying duties.

On 4 February 1918 Aurania was off the coast of Donegal when she was struck by a torpedo from UB 67 (Commander Gerard Schulz). Eight crew members were killed. Attempts were made to save the ship but she eventually went aground off the Isle of Mull.


Dimensions158.5 x 19.8 m (520 x 65 ft)
Speed14.5 knots
FateTorpedoed (UB 67)


The wreck itself lies north-west and parallel to the cliffs with the bow to the north. Much of the wreckage is spread out over a wide, flat area devoid of many distinguishing features. The best part is around the midships section where two enormous boilers stand 7m proud above the seabed. There are also various large winches, quite a few mooring bollards and a lot of flat steel plates.


Dive Data
Position56°36.138' N 006°19.443' W
Depth26m (85ft)
TidesSlack water, beware of heavy swells
VisibilityAverage to good

Dive Operators


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